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Lake Nakuru National Park

The Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, famed for the Flamingos that flock to its shores to feed on the cyano bacteria that live in its alkaline waters. It is a very important breeding ground and stop over for many species of birds.

In addition to the rhino, flamingos and leopard which are commonly seen here (and not commonly seen elsewhere!) other animals such as pelicans, lion, giraffe, lion, bat-eared fox, hippo, hyena etc are all there too.

The lake is picturesque and within the park there is an area of acacia forest (great for spotting leopards) keep driving, and just a few km away from here, you’ll find yourself at the top of Baboon Cliff which is a great place for a picnic with stunning views over the lake, the savannah and the forest all down below. As you drive down to the lake you can get up really close to the plains at the lake shore. Here you’ll see, hear (and smell) the thousands of birds who congregate here at this alkaline lake all year round. At the lake shore, you’ll also be able to see the savannah animals grazing nearby such as impala, Thompson’s Gazelle and waterbuck. It’s also very common to see rhino here, sometimes alone or very often in groups of 3 or more – make sure you have your camera nearby and the combination of wildlife close up, with the background of a lake full of pink flamingos, the sun shining and a dark stormy sky just can’t be beaten!

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