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Murchison Fall By Air

Murchison falls national park named after the dramatic and powerful falls, it is Uganda’s largest national park and by far the most beautiful. From the magnificent falls formed as River Nile crashes through the narrow gorge, to its untouched wilderness that is well reserved. The highlight of the safari is the magical boat cruise to the bottom of the falls; large crocodiles that lie agape line the shores along with other numerous wildlife sometimes even four of the big five including the lions, leopards, elephant, buffaloes, safari is surely an unforgettable experience
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Best of East Africa

Experience 15 Days East Africa Safari from the Big Five to the Chimpanzees and Gorillas of Uganda along with the interesting cultural experiences and visit to 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we learn also about the traditions and cultures of East Africa. Africa Safari in small group specially designed safari vehicles (maximum 7 persons) to ensure that each passenger gets a window seat on game drives, the best way to watch the immense diversity of East African wildlife. This is a family vacation as best that it can get.
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Gorillas and Chimps

5 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari
Uganda 5 Days Gorillas and Chimps, Primates Tracking Trek Tour to Bwindi Impenetrable ad Kibale National Park. We are very certain that you will find this experience very unique; it takes you to Kibale, Africa’s greatest tropical rain forests for Chimpanzee trekking. Combine this with Gorilla trekking in Bwindi the home of the rare mountain Gorillas as you graduate with 2 degrees in Primate trekking both undertaken in Uganda’s best ranked natural and virgin jungles in the world
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