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Reasons to visit ZANZIBAR! 

Beach Vacation: Zanzibar which includes Unguja, Pemba and Mafia Islands remains one of few undiscovered pristine beach island destinations in the world with beautiful white silky-sand beaches and azure blue waters where the water temperatures are refreshingly warm. Guests can choose to swim in the Indian Ocean, relax under the shades of the famous Zanzibar coconut trees and read their book or sun bathe, cultivating their mind, body and soul and taking it far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in their hometown.

So if you want a vacation that offers excellent relaxation, pristine Indian Ocean waters, wonderful climate, good food and plenty of sun to relax you for the year ahead then Zanzibar should be on your list for a superb beach vacation.

Cultural Visit:

Stay in Stone Town and interact with the Zanzibaris undertaking their daily chores or participating in trade at the local food market. Take a walk through Stone Town and see the different faces that greet you: Zanzibaris of Persian, African, Arab, Asian, and European heritage. The day’s enjoyment leads to the evening awesomeness when locals and visiting guests congregate at the Forodhani Gardens to participate in a feast that displays the strength of Zanzibar’s cultural interaction.

So if you want your vacation to have a fun mix of relaxation and cultural interaction, Zanzibar and the surrounding Islands can deliver a dual vacation with lots to offer.

Historical Visit:

Visit Zanzibar for an exclusive historical tour experience with 12th century mosques, grand cathedrals and huge palaces. Walk through the museum and place yourself back in time while viewing Dr David Livingstone’s medicine box and the pictures of two of his faithful servants: Chuma and Susi.

Zanzibar delivers an incredible historical experience while combining an excellent vacation with lots of sun, sand and relaxing Indian Ocean waters.

Discerning Tourism:

Zanzibar is a low visitor destination and not commercialized compared to many other Islands around the world. Discerning guests wanting to visit the Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Islands can expect an authentic welcome and an excellent opportunity to enjoy. Wonderful examples of discerning locations include Kedwa Beach Area where tarmac access roads are yet to be built and guests vacationing in this area can expect a secluded experience, or Mnemba Island where guests like Bill Gates, Naomi Campbell have visited, enjoyed and adored their vacation in seclusion.

Zanzibar delivers a superb opportunity for guests to experience serenity and peace unlike anything they have experienced before.

Fairly Priced Accommodations:

Zanzibar delivers a superb range of pricing suitable for all guests, from US $25 a night to US$ 500 a night, all at beachfront properties. The strength and favorable variation in pricing assures guests that that a superb beach front location with all modern amenities will create an enjoyable vacation just they way they desired it.

Zanzibar delivers an Indian Ocean program at beachfront hotels and lodges at favorable rates.

Diving & Snorkeling:

The marine experience viewing different fishes, coral and underwater life with clear visibility is a well-guarded secret among guests who have been to Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia. There are many interesting reefs around the islands of Zanzibar featuring shallow rocky areas that suddenly drop off into vertiginous crevasses 40 meters deep. With steep walls covered in colorful sponges and Gorgonia, one may find such diverse life as Brittlestars, Langoustines and Moray Eels. Some reefs are like undersea mountains, wreathed with seaweeds and corals, and teeming with colorful fish.

Zanzibar offers professional programs with certified and experienced PADI diving professionals who tutor visiting guests, giving them an opportunity to view a world never seen by a large majority of the world.

Spice Exhibitions:

Visit Zanzibar to experience a culinary experience like none other. The great variety of spices and plants grown in Zanzibar are used in food flavoring and preparation, cosmetics, dyes and medicines around the world. Delicious fruits including orange, lime, grapefruit, coconut and banana are grown too, along with the lesser known breadfruit, jackfruit and custard apple. Fragrant and aromatic spices, such as cloves, nutmeg, ginger, chilies, black pepper and cinnamon can all be seen growing, and are for sale on roadside stalls.

The display of the plants that produce the spices we consume provides a deeper sense of appreciation for the genius in nature, and is only experienced when visiting Zanzibar Island.

Eco Tourism:

Zanzibar delivers a superb experience for guests who want to enjoy an offering that strikes harmony in the way commerce is conducted while placing enormous emphasis on preservation of the ecosystem and the environment. Accommodations such Chumbe Island Eco Lodge have created such opportunities where guests are engulfed in a romantic and remote Robinson Crusoe type open-air island luxury hut which provides electricity generated by solar power, water heated by the sun and foods served completely organically fresh.

Guests wanting a total alternative experience placing them in the good old years with sweet smells of the Indian Ocean waters and forest vegetation can come to Chumbe Island and experience a concept found no where else.

Island Hoping: Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Island provides a true concept of African Island hopping each offering a different experience combining culture, beach vacation, history, wildlife, diving, and activities. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the offerings in a way not experienced anywhere else within just one part of the world.

Guest wanting to complete a tour of the world in their lifetime can choose to island hop on the pristine islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia and be assured the experiences to be uniquely independent of each other.

Wildlife & Marine Safari Excursion: Zanzibar Island is home to many species of wildlife not found else where with in East Africa. On Unguja Island, you can find the Red Colobus Monkeys at the Jozani Forest; on Mafia Island you can find the Pemba Flying Fox at the Ngezi Equatorial Forest; In Kizimkazi you can find killer whales and dolphins in large schools.
The wildlife viewing experience on Zanzibar and Mafia Island adds a superb invitation for guests intending to visit the East African Islands.