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Reasons to Visit KENYA!

Kenya is a country which only needs three reasons to describe how beautiful it is and why it should be visited, which would inevitably make each and every discerning visitor reading this article want to partake in a true and genuine African experience. However, on the other hand we can only feel excited about the tourism opportunities and would like to share with our guests a little more than that.

Visit Kenya For Its:

Wildlife Watching and Nature Safaris:

Lets begin with the word “Safari” used on a day-to-day basis when wanting to describe a wildlife related itinerary in Africa and even other parts of the world; the word stems from the Kiswahili or Swahili language, whose linguistic birth is in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar), making the region an original and authentic African wildlife safari destination as rightfully described by the early European Hunters. Kenya is a country where nature has been exceedingly gracious. Within one country you can travel through lush green forests, deserts, equatorial rainforests, montane vegetation, mountains and witness thousands of wildlife, birdlife and insectlife species being supported and sustained within the respective ecology. Furthermore and coincidently, Kenya also boasts the big five wildlife above the ground as well as the big five below the Indian Ocean s.

So if Wildlife and Nature Experience is key for you, then a visit to Kenya will provide an authentic African biodiverse experience.

Relaxation, Peace and Pristine Beauty:

We at Roaming Africa Tours & Safaris know that the daily grind of life: the daily never ending business meetings, career challenges, cooking, cleaning, house chores, groceries, family affairs and relationship, can really take a toll on a human being. Well, if you feel what we described fits your busy profile then making an escape to Kenya is the right thing for you. You too need to be served and pampered. You too need to have nothing to worry about for 14 days of your whole year and have someone else cook, clean and take care of you. All you have to do is relax, receive good service, enjoy eating the most delicious food cooked from organic farms, enjoy spectacular views that personalities such as Prince William of England appropriately described as “loo with a view”, referring to the superb accommodation views that would inject a guest’s life with peace and tranquility when visiting Kenya.

So if you want to take time away from daily hustle and bustle or share time with your loved ones, then Kenya is the right choice to visit and get away from it all.

Indian Ocean Beach Vacation:

Taking an Indian Ocean beach – Kenya holiday is an experience of a lifetime because Roaming Africa Tours & Safaris guests have the ability to select exactly what kind of beach experience they would like to have. The selections includes: remote Indian Ocean beach Islands that are as far away from human contact as possible where the only accessible mode of transportation is a boat or an airplane or at popular beach resort destinations which serve plenty of sun, white sandy beaches and food; the only thing you have to do is know how to spend you time.

So if you want to enjoy your time on the Indian Ocean’s warm turquoise waters with a book in your hand while soaking up the most sun and with plenty of white sandy beach to take home to make up for the nostalgia you will face, then Kenya is the right place to enjoy your vacation.

Cultural Interaction:

Do you have a diverse and open-minded personality about other cultures and their ways of life, and enjoy reading and learning more about people from other parts of the world, especially Africa? If you answered yes to any of these questions, come enjoy a genuine African experience by visiting the diverse cultures, ways of life and traditions of the people of Kenya. Meet the tall elegant Maasai whose native language is Maa, and whose dress code would want you to take a thousand and one pictures, which you hope to display to your friends at home; also visit ancient civilizations in Lamu, where the town has basically stopped as time flew by. Come witness the rituals, traditions and rites of passage of the Samburu people or travel to Western Kenya to see the most well decorated natives of Kenya, the Luo people.

So if you want to add a touch of true and first hand anthropology to your credentials, then plan a visit to Kenya.

Outdoors Activities and Active Adventure:

Many of our clients live schedules where there is little or no time to enjoy the outdoors, especially if they live in metropolitan areas. They often purchase clothing and equipment gear in anticipation of pursuing an active lifestyle; most times the resolutions never materialize because daily responsibilities keep piling up. And it also happens when days off from work are possible, that are not vacation time, it is wintertime and the temperatures are freezing cold, and if this experience relates to you, then you know you are not alone and many people face the same challenges. The solution to the challenges is a preplanned visit to Kenya. With the country laying right on the Equator, there are no snow days or freezing cold temperatures, unless if you are climbing Mount Kenya. Kenya offers a variety of programs that engulf Roaming Africa Tours & Safaris guest into a world never experienced before. Place yourself on the plains of the Savannah grassland of Kenya on a horseback riding safari instead of a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle, observing the beautiful Reticulated Giraffes in the distance or watching a herd of elephant wadding in mud. Or even taking up the challenge to climb the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya. Those who want to take adventure to the next level can undertake whitewater rafting on the Tana River, mountain biking in Safari country while watching wildlife along the way, undertake Camel Riding Safaris that traverse at least two different ecosystems, bungee jumping that pushes your heart out of your body, walking Safaris that aim to bring an out of world experience, paragliding from hilltops of Laikipia, fishing for huge bill fishes, golfing in the Great Rift Valley with the challenge to overcome the wind crisscrossing the great depression. The list can go on!

So if you want to start and motivate yourself, while acting on that New Year resolution, then a visit to Kenya is the first step for you.

Business and Conference Services:

Many businesses and non-profit organizations require business meetings and incentive programs that would harness an environment that focuses on work as well as will mesmerize the employees and business partners during their breakout sessions. Kenya is the country that can professionally deliver these services without any embarrassment or disappointment caused to the visiting parties. Cities like Nairobi, Mombasa can supply auditoriums, large conference rooms with flip charts, overheard projectors, and laptop computers within one single accommodation hotel. Breakout sessions can be held on the Indian Ocean’s traditional African boat with live entertainment and meals provided on board. Or at the nearby National Park restaurants like the Ranger’s, which enable visitors sitting on the dining table to discuss the various agendas while watching the warthog and waterbuck near the waterhole.

So if your businesses or non-profit organizations wants to create a discerning experience for your clients, yet keep costs affordable while having easy access to infrastructures like International Airports and road systems, then selecting Kenya as business hub is the way to go.

Historical Experience:

Kenya is a country that is as old as the early exploration of the world by Romans: from 45 A.D, Hippalus, a Roman sailor, was pushed to the East African coast by the monsoon winds, to present day. Kenya holds a historical treasure for all to learn and enjoy. The country contains old extant forts standing strong, ruins that were deserted by residents without any explanation, immigration by European settlers who farmed and lived in the highlands of Kenya like Karen Blixen, discoveries like the Thompson Waterfalls at Nyahururu by Joseph Thompson in 1859, immigration of people from India, Arabia, China as explorers and traders. A meeting with the Samburu people in Northern Kenya will enable you to learn about their Israelite experience and Jewish heritage: how their families trickled down from the Mesopotamia region thousands of years ago. Kenya and East Africa as a region are also internationally credited to hold the original hominid excavations of prehistoric humans underscoring the theory of our existence to have originated from the area.

So if your personality welcomes a true historical learning experience with a mix of culture and lifestyle, fame and fortune, success and glory then a visit to Kenya will broaden your knowledge in a globally diverse world making you stand out from the rest of your peers!

Eco-Tourism Experience:

More increasingly our guests are asking us for a true genuine African experience vacation. An African experience that is run by indigenous people of Africa in a environment where your stay is at accommodations built by indigenous people of Africa, and safari game drives, food, service, lifestyle is set in their ecologically sensitive homesteads, and where the revenue from your spending actually and directly assists the indigenous population be self sufficient and self reliant. Well, then you have come to the right country. Kenya’s Indigenous communities like the Maasai, Samburu, Pokot have learnt that preserving their way of life is something to be proud about and not compromised. The indigenous African communities also know they need to take charge of their destiny so they have started sending their children to formal schools, have welcomed modern medicine but also keep abreast of their traditional herbal cures, and have participated in community development fostering an alliance with other communities to create an eco-tourism incentive like no other in Africa.

So if you want to undertake a true and genuine African experience, filled with fun and an alternative to the common person’s experience, be assured that Kenya is the destination for you. And your selection of Roaming Africa Tours & Safaris as your host begins your desire to working with natives of the region and underscoring an authentic eco-tourism experience right from the start.

Geography & Geophysical Experience:

Not only is Kenya uniquely positioned in the world but it also has wondrous geophysical characteristics. Take for instance the Great Rift Valley and the lake systems it supports: hot sulfurous, fresh and alkaline, in one great depression. The Rift Valley lakes attract hundreds of bird species yearly, which adds to the whole unique experience. Lakes like Bogoria are also brings across a unique perspective, seen when eggs are boiled within minutes in front of your eyes, when placed in the geyser. These kinds of experiences especially for children and youths in the learning stages reinforces the ability to think about the questions that are so pertinent and often overlooked: where does the water come from, how does it get so hot, what can be done with this water to benefit mankind, where in other parts of the world does this phenomenon take place. Another marvel of Kenya is the equator and often experienced by most visitors: a make believe Cariolis Force. A Cariolis Force is the movement of water under ideal conditions, that if you are on the northern hemisphere (a step towards north of the Equator) watching a tub filled with water being unplugged, would make the water swirl and drain counter clockwise; if you are on the southern hemisphere (meaning having to make one step south of the equator) the water would swirl and drain clockwise. This is a phenomenon that has to be witnessed.

So Kenya should be the place on your list to visit to witness, learn and enjoy the marvels often not heard about.

Marine Experience:

Most of us are often only mesmerized by the beautiful hues from the sundowners like the ones displayed early evenings on the plains of the Masai Mara or the early mornings on the Kenya coast, where the clear waters and penetration of the sun rays creates a beautiful sparkling diamond like effect; this is just the icing on the cake. Now imagine beauties far more spectacular than anything ever seen in reality except on television. We are talking about the magic beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean: corals exist with rainbow colors as if someone conscientiously painted these seemingly dead rocks with blue, red, green and yellow; fishes deep down in the sea have evolved luminous scales making the schools of fish look like a huge gigantic fish, and where wild dolphins and whale sharks curiously examine the commotion when your boat sails by and compliment the scene with a very close and friendly encounters. This is the reality and only a slight glimpse into the rare and untold beauty of Kenya’s unexplored marine life.

So if you enjoy watching fishes and corals outside of aquariums and manmade entertainment centers, than a visit to Kenya will quench your desire to get a glimpse of a world yet to be discovered.